Lighting a Christmas Tree 2019


Decorating the Christmas tree, 2019 edition!


December 25, 2019

This year was a tough Christmas. When you lose someone, little things become last wishes, and you do what you can to make them true. So this year I themed the Christmas tree in blue and silver. To that end I got a bunch of blue, teal, and cool white lights to make a nice gradiated spiral, along with ornaments to match.

I had also purchased (at a steep discount) a bunch of fake poinsettia garland from Michaels after Christmas 2018. I used the blossoms to make a nice spiral. From last year I knew the blue would be very difficult to see, so there were many layers of blue lights and then some of the turqoise intermixed. The cool white lights were set with the poinsettia spiral to cause it to really pop.

In an attempt to offset the general sadness this year, and as a joke about corporate culture in general, I got some clear bulbs, printed American Express’s Blue Box Values, and inserted a value into each bulb. Next, a closeup of the tree makes two such values clear, and presents a blurry reflection of me!