About the Author

Hello. I am Edgar (pictured left). This is my blog. I call myself an "industrial statistician and data scientist" because I fall somewhere in the middle there, and because "data scientist" can mean anything.

I've worked in many parts of the development/online/analytics space which you can read more about on my LinkedIn page. I have an MS in Statistics and a PhD in Industrial Engineering where my focus was on design of experiments.

For inquiries regarding short courses, consulting, or R package development contact me via my email: ehassler@gmail.com. You can follow me on Twitter but I mainly retweet the Onion so it's of questionable value. Other than that I have a small social media footprint.

More About the Author

I'm a proud papa, but I promised to not be loosey-goosey with my son's privacy so I'll limit it here to this photo. It makes no sense how cute he is unless all of his cuteness genes came from his mother and also he stole some cuteness from other babies at the hospital and maybe from some of the staff too? I haven't crunched the numbers...

One time I had breakfast with Koalas in Sydney. That was cool. This is Charlie, and he only had one eye (like a pirate). Charlie was featured a lot in my lessons when I taught probability and statistics. Let's say you want to kidnap a koala from the zoo and the mean weight is 24lbs and the standard deviation is 4lbs. How much weight should you train to carry while climbing over a fence if you want to successfully liberate a koala 99% of the time? Assume koala weight is normally distributed. One of my instructor-review comments was "Can you use better examples that don't involve koalas?" Touche, soulless drone, touche!

There's several days of the year when you can wear a sweater here in Phoenix, AZ so I decided to include a picture of that. Also it provides me the opportunity to not wear a hoody. When you wear aviators and hoodies and have any facial hair everyone thinks you're a unibomber. Trust me, I haven't unibombed anything, and I don't have the patience to write a manifesto in any environment lacking restaurant service and hot showers.

Anyway, enough about me, how about you tell me about yourself? Oh I guess that's not how this works. Gosh, I hate to be rude. Well tell me about yourself if we run into each other. Just launch into backstory. It'll be fun!

— Edgar Hassler, Tempe